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In the Media

Friendship Lab Founder Sheridan Voysey joined presenter William Crawley for this BBC Radio Ulster panel discussion on adults and friendship, alongside Aine Toner from the Belfast Telegraph and Brendan Hughes from Belfast Live. Launching off with Sheridan's question "Who can you call at 2am when everything has gone wrong?" the discussion was both fun and

Friendship can be confusing. Unlike a romantic relationship where feelings are expressly shared and commitments publicly made at things like weddings, friendship’s informality can make it hard to know where we stand. I may see you as a friend while you see me as an acquaintance. I may have you in my A list while

When the pandemic hit, Friendship Lab's Founder Sheridan Voysey had an idea for a documentary series. As a regular presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show - Britain's most listened-to show on Europe's most listened-to network - he took the idea to Pause for Thought's production house, TBI Media.

How many of us struggle to make friends? Why is it harder to make friends as adults? How long does it take to make a friend, and how many of them are we capable of having? As the Creative Lead of BBC Radio 2's Friendship Season during the pandemic, Friendship Lab Founder Sheridan Voysey was