Make Your Friendships Thrive

Friendship is essential to our happiness and wellbeing, and yet as many as 25% of us have no close friends. At Friendship Lab we empower you with the wisdom and skills to make your friendships thrive. Come and join us

Launching in 2024.

Our Course

Find out about our evidence-based Friendship Lab Course currently in development

Our Progress

Follow our progress on this evolving timeline as we prepare to launch Friendship Lab. What will happen next?

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About Friendship Lab.

Friendship Lab empowers men and women with the wisdom and skills to make their friendships thrive. We do this through evidence-based courses, inspiring podcast and media campaigns, research projects, arts collaborations and more, to help us enjoy the wellbeing benefits friendship brings and see loneliness reduced in society

We envision a day when every person has at least three ‘2am friends’. A 2am friend is someone we can talk to, depend on, grow with, and enjoy—someone we can call at 2am when everything has gone wrong

Our Activities.

Courses and Training

We provide empowering, evidence-based courses and training to individuals, groups and workplaces that help adults make their friendships thrive

Media and Speaking

We provide thought leadership to the media and at conferences championing adult friendship and offering solutions to the loneliness crisis


We contribute to the public conversation by collaborating on original research and making secondary research accessible and actionable