The Idea That Became BBC Radio 2’s Friendship Season

When the pandemic hit, Friendship Lab’s Founder Sheridan Voysey had an idea for a documentary series. As a regular presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show – Britain’s most listened-to show on Europe’s most listened-to network – he took the idea to Pause for Thought’s production house, TBI Media. But in a surprising move, what started as a small idea quickly grew to become BBC Radio 2’s Friendship Season – a week of prime-time broadcasting around friendship, reaching 16 million people. Sheridan became Creative Lead for the campaign.

Sheridan joined Zoe on the Season’s first day to share the moment that got him rethinking his own approach to friendship. It was an experience that confirmed to us all how ripe the topic of friendship was, and not just lockdown.