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About Course

The Friendship Lab Course is a 6 session evidence-based course that helps men and women make their friendships thrive. If you live in Oxford, UK, join us for this special in-room pilot at The Jungle in Templars Square, Cowley! Full course details are available here. (Don’t live in Oxford? Join our online pilot instead.)

What Will You Learn?

  • How to confidently initiate conversations and meet ups
  • How to express your needs and encourage mutuality
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Proven tips to make your friendships closer
  • How to make friendship work across distance
  • And much more

Course Content

Session 1 (Tuesday 18 April)
We'll discover what friendship is and isn't and the main barriers we face finding it. We'll explore the 4 qualities of a friend and make some commitments to get the most out of our time together.

  • What is friendship?
  • Session 1 Reflection Activity

Session 2 (Tuesday 25 April)
We'll learn the 5 stages of friend-making, discover the 3 ingredients that help a friendship get closer, get some proven hacks for finding the best people and keeping in touch, and more.

Session 3 (Tuesday 2 May)
In this session we'll uncover the 4 laws of meaningful conversation, the secret to developing social confidence, the small tweaks that will change how you engage with others, and other essential actions to help a new friendship grow deeper.

Session 4 (Tuesday 9 May)
In Session 4 we'll explore how friends draw closer to each other through things like generosity, vulnerability, affection and shared projects. We'll discuss some of the difficulties involved too. Can you be too generous? What boundaries should we have when sharing vulnerably or expressing affection to our friends? We'll find out.

Session 5 (Tuesday 16 May)
This session will cover the reasons friends drift apart, how to raise and resolve disagreements well, how to express our needs without coming across as 'needy', and more.

Session 6 (Tuesday 23 May)
We'll look at how to forge friendships across distance, gender, and race, picking up some lessons on crossing other differences too.